MACS4-DSP: Multi-Axis Positioning and Synchronization

The MACS4-DSP is an "intelligent" 1- to 3-axis EtherCAT motion control slave. It offers license-free programmability combined with high-end motion control features for multi-axis drive positioning and all types of drive synchronization. Since the motion control functionality is integrated in the device, there is no need for major PLC upgrades or specialized libraries. Highly accurate multi-axis positioning, as well as drive synchronization like electronic gearbox functionality and on-the-fly CAM profiling, is supported by powerful commands. All motion control tasks are processed in the background and are independent of the main loop cycle time of a PLC. The MACS4-DSP is the perfect link between PLCs and servo-amplifiers or frequency converters.

All interfaces required by typical motion control applications are integrated in the compact housing for DIN rail mounting. Up to six encoder ports allow full 3-axis CAM synchronization with different masters. Incremental, SSI and SinCos encoders are supported. One encoder port can also be used for generating a virtual encoder output signal. Additional standard fieldbus interfaces enable features like an EtherCAT / CAN gateway or an EtherCAT / Danfoss frequency converter gateway.


  • Full featured motion control slave,
    i.e. no need for additional libraries, no need for runtime licenses
  • Free programmable
  • Predefined applications available,
    e.g. DS402 multi-axis motion-control slave
  • Multi-axis positioning
  • Multi-axis drive synchronization,
    e.g. position, speed, CAM, marker synchronization
  • EtherCAT / CAN gateway
  • EtherCAT / Danfoss RS485 gateway
  • 6 encoder ports (RS422, SSI, SinCos)
  • 12 digital inputs / 4 digital outputs
  • 1 analog input / 3 analog outputs


MACS4-DSP: Multi-Axis Positioning and Synchronization


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