E°EXC 89

The DIN rail controllers from the E°EXC control system family provide the ideal basis for PLC, Motion and CNC solutions. Thanks to its systematic, continuous further development, the CNC by Eckelmann offers one of the most comprehensive instruction sets on the market, while trying to maintain maximum backward compatibility. The controllers are employed in many industrial fields. The CNC core contains a large variety of technology specific functions. This way sophisticated applications can easily be created.

Eckelmann relies on EtherCAT as the system bus for its E°EXC 89 controller series for seamless networking of controllers, I/O modules and servo drives, as well as safety functions.

  • Embedded controller for up to 32 CNC and 64 Motion axes (CNC and motion can be superimposed even for the same axis)
  • PLC programming with CODESYS V3
  • Own CNC core as per DIN 66025, with extensive CNC instruction set
  • Comprehensive own PLCopen Motion library
  • CNC-integrated robot kinematics
  • OPC UA server for Industry 4.0 (IIoT) connectivity
  • Drive und I/O interfaces via EtherCAT and CANopen
  • Stackable, fast E°UBM I/O modules, also available for distributed operation
  • Integrated safety solution with the E°SLC 89 dedicated safety controller by Eckelmann
  • Slot for SD card and USB interface
  • Modern development and commissioning tools
  • Plug & play integration of components
  • Protected implementation of customer specific functions
  • Export version available for easy export to foreign markets