EtherCAT Master

The EtherCAT master is a pure software solution and uses an Ethernet port on the controller CPU. The motion software packages from Bachmann electronic and any other application programs can be synchronized precisely to the timing of the EtherCAT bus to ensure the synchronization of setpoint calculation and transmission. The SolutionCenter supports commissioning and diagnostics through a configurator and monitor.

The Drive Middleware as the connecting link between motion software and EtherCAT drive directly operates the functions and the status model of the drive so that the user no longer needs to program out the specific sequences in the application software.

  • Software solution for operation on standard controller CPUs
  • Addressing the slaves via autoincrement or alias address
  • Allocating and checking alias addresses
  • Supports optional nodes
  • Supports slaves with distributed clock
  • Synchronization of application programs and fieldbus is possible
  • Cyclic data exchange via PDO mapping
  • Display of process values as logical I/O modules and in the PLC process image
  • Acyclic data exchange for application via SDO function interface is available
  • Function interface for network and slave status
  • Extensive diagnostics via system variables
  • Quality is ensured through regular participation in ETG Plug Fests



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