b maXX®-softdrivePLC

Providing complete solutions is standard practice for Baumüller

In industrial sectors such as printing, textiles, plastics, packaging and general motion, Baumüller is your complete automation solutions partner. Baumüller's drive - and controller - based PLCs offer a fast and easy to use automation system based upon the IEC 61131 standard. Real-time tasks running in parallel with application tasks deliver fast and modular motion control.

PROPROG wt II is Baumüller's common configuration, programming, operating and visualization software for advanced motion control systems. PROPROG wt II is designed to increase your development productivity and ease of maintenance.

Simplifying your system offers advantages

  • Motion control libraries for programming automation systems
  • IEC 61131 programming with PROPROG wt II
  • Field bus configuration
  • Drive configuration
  • Common project database

Defined interfaces ensure application development in a consistent manner, without errors and omissions.

Our wide range of functions in the motion control library ensures fast development based on the PLCopen standard.


b maXX®-softdrivePLC


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