EtherCAT Starter Kit for iPOS Drives

The new iPOS family of Technosoft intelligent drives offers a very compact and cost-effective solution for motor control. Using a modular concept, the iPOS drives accept interface plug-ins for EtherCAT or absolute position sensors.

The EtherCAT Starter Kit is a ready-to-run solution for testing an iPOS3604 VX or iPOS3602 VX drive via EtherCAT. It includes an I/O board to plug-in the drive and the EtherCAT interface and optionally, a brushless or step motor.

Based on the Technosoft MotionChip™ technology the new iPOS family of drives embeds motion controller, drive and PLC functionalities into a single unit. The iPOS drives can operate as an EtherCAT slave with CoE protocol, or as a CiA402 CANopen drive without the EtherCAT extension module, or can be programmed to execute complex motion programs directly at drive level, using its built-in motion controller and the high level Technosoft motion language (TML). Using TML can substantially reduce a master task as this can simply call complex motion functions, pre-stored in the drive memory.


  • For rotary and linear brushless, DC brushed,  2/3 ph. step motors
  • CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE)
  • Various modes of operation
    • Position or speed profiles (trapezoidal, S-curve
    • 3rd order PVT and 1st order PT interpolatio
    • Electronic gearing and cammin
    • External reference: analog or digita
    • Open / closed loop and microstepping (up to 256 μsteps/step) for step motors
  • TML instruction set including
    • Motion commands, program flow control, I/O handlin
    • Arithmetic and logic operations, axis synchronization
  • Operation with stored motion program
  • RS-232 communication for setup and motion programming
  • 5 digital inputs 3-36V, NPN
  • 4 digital outputs 5-36V, 0.5A, NPN open collector
  • 2 analog inputs 12 bit, 0-5V
  • Position feedback 
    • Incremental encoder: single-ended, RS422 differential or sine/cosine differential 1Vp
    • Digital or linear Hall
    • Absolute sensors (SSI, BiSS, EnDAT encoders and resolver) via additional extension module
  • Supply: logic (7-36V), motor (9-36V)
  • 4A cont., 10A peak – iPOS3604 VX
  • 2A cont., 3.2A peak – iPOS3602 VX
  • Protection for over current, short circuit, earth fault, over temperature, over- and under-voltage, I2t, control error


EtherCAT Starter Kit for iPOS Drives



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