The EPPC-T10 is an embedded CPU board with 3 independent Ethernet interfaces. The NXP PowerPC QorIQ T1014 with 1.2 GHz features one 64-bit e5500 Power Architecture® processor cores with highperformance data path acceleration architecture (DPAA) and network peripheral interfaces.
The local memory bus is 64 bits wide plus 8 bits ECC with an overall capacity of 512 Mbyte. 16 Mbyte SPI Flash for boot loader and 32 Kbit I²C EEPROM for U-Boot environment offer non-volatile memory spaces.
The EPPC-T10 features a second 16 Mbyte 'fallback' SPI Flash, used for system recovery if a system crash occurs during a firmware update. Alternatively it can be used for application software.

Gigabit Ethernet:
The EPPC-T10 is equipped with 3 independent Gigabit Ethernet interfaces accessible at the front panel, which give an excellent base for EtherCAT® applications.

Console (Serial):
For connection of the RS-232 interface an easily accessible RJ45 connector is provided. Additionally a Terminal is accessible via mini-USB connector for configuration of the system.

The USB host port supports USB 2.0 highspeed.

An RTC with battery backup is equipped on the EPPC-T10.

Software Support:
The Flash memory carries the standard boot program “Das U-Boot” and enables the EPPC-T10 to boot various operating systems from on-board Flash, network, USB, microSD card or optional SSD. BSP is available for Linux. Others on request. The esd EtherCAT master stack is available for several operating systems.

Customization on Request:
Customized options are available for customized serial production in reasonable quantities.





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