Yacoub Automation GmbH offers the netTAP as a solution for non-reactive monitoring of your networks. The device operates in the extended temperature range (-40 to + 70 ° C). In contrast to hubs or switches that usually create high latencies or influence the network, the monitoring by netTap is virtually non-reactive. The netTAP is qualified to analyse and to record 10/100 MBit Ethernet communication data according to IEEE 802 without any influence of your running network.

One of todays challenging problems for all engineers are the variances that exist between different networks. The major problem is the vast number of protocols that must communicate with each other. Additionally, real-time requirements become more and more important for modern network standards. The netTap has de facto no limitation for protocols to be examined. With the respective plugins for EtherCAT or other Ethernet-based protocols, each network can be analyzed. It provides transparency of data transmission at all quantitative and qualitative levels. The mounting on a DIN rail and the commissioning only take a few steps. Thus, the netTap is ready to use at any point in the network within minutes. Your network remains unaffected by the devices status and also by its time behavior.

The advantages are obvious: with a common analysis software, such as Wireshark (former Etherreal), each communication protocol can be analyzed at any point in your facility network without affecting the process flow of your machinery. The company's maintenance team stays easily informed of the state of the network. They may plan the service deadline even before problems arise. If real problems occur the netTAP allows your crew to analyse where exactly the problems are caused and located. This significantly increases the availability of your network.





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