EtherCAT Protocol Stack / Library

port’s powerful and mature EtherCAT Protocol Stack provides fast, reliable and efficient communication.

Additionally the Protocol Stack offers all required services for a compliant communication according to the EtherCAT communication profile ETG.1000.

It facilitates easy and fast development of your EtherCAT Slave devices.

Access to the hardware is carried out via a hardware abstraction layer. These drivers are available for selected hardware, like ET1100 or ET1200 including port’s FPGA solution, which is available for Altera Nios ® II and Xilinx MicroBlaze™. Drivers for other CPU’s / MCU’s on request, please ask for our recent list of supported CPU’s / MCU’s. The FPGA solution can also be used for other Industrial Ethernet Protocols.

Due to the scalability of the EtherCAT Protocol Stack it fits perfectly to the resources of your application.


EtherCAT Protocol Stack / Library



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