PC-based Fine Motion (RTMC64-EC)

30 years of techno-art most high-performance, state-of-the-art dedicated FAPC motion control software.


  • Control cycles down to 125 us
  • PLC software and image proccessing with easy use
  • Up to 8 machines can be controlled with 1 PC
  • Control performance with a wide variety of equipment
  • Features such as gantry control, tangential control, torque control, pich error compensation, tool lenght compensation, cutter radius compensation, shape corretion DNC
  • Software interface and source interface
  • For  servo manufacturer in Japan


  • Precision machining: turning, grinding, polishing, holes opened the dental Ccown work, threading
  • Other machines: laser, EDM, plasma cutting, galas cutting the cardboard for cardboard-cutting
  • Molding machines: winding machine, injection molding, spring forming servo press
  • Robot: parallel mechanism (3-6 axis), scalar, vertically articulated
  • Other: 3D printer, assembly, transportation, dispenser, laboratory