E I/O - EtherCAT I/O System

  • Simple tools for putting it into service quickly
  • Compact design saves space in the switching cabinet
  • EtherCAT up to the terminal enhances performance
  • 32 digital I/O on one terminal is truly compact
  • Analog and temperature recording

CoDeSys integration and connection to different system worlds

The E I/O system is an important element of the Berghof control solutions for modular production machines. The CoDeSys programming tool has a key position in the Berghof PLC solutions.

Therefore the EtherCAT configuration tool has been consistently supplemented by a CoDeSys EtherCAT master library. Two different communication concepts are used, depending on the hardware and the CoDeSys version.

High performance paired with compact external dimensions

The members of the E-I/O family are the EtherCAT bus coupler and the various EtherCAT I/O modules. The conversion of the Ethernet transmission physics with twisted pair to the EtherCAT E-bus and the generation of the system voltages for the I/O modules take place in the E I/O bus coupler. The E I/O modules are successively connected to the E-bus coupler. The Ethernet / EtherCAT protocol is retained right down to the very last I/O module by this method. At the end of the modular device the connection of the outward and return line is automatically made, enabling the next EtherCAT device to be connected on the second port of the E-bus coupler, again using a 100 base TX line.

System properties

Dimensions 25 mm x 120 mm x 90 mm (w x h x d)
Housing Aluminium
Shield connection Directly at a module
I/O connection Spring-Loaded plug with mechanical ejection
Signal display LED, assigned to the clamping point locally
Numb. of connect. Up to 32 digital I/O per module, up to 8 analog channels per module
Numb. of I/O modules 20 per bus coupler (together max. 3A power intake)
Galvanic separ. Modules are galvanically separated from one another and versus the bus
Protection IP20
Interf. immunity Zone B per EN 611331-2


E I/O - EtherCAT I/O System


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