P Series Pressure Controller

The PPCA pressure controller provides pressure measurement and control for critical process applications such as backside wafer pressure control, transport chamber pressure control and process gas panel pressure balancing. The device may be configured for either upstream (inlet) or downstream (outlet) pressure control. This is accomplished in a compact package that saves critical space when compared to the previous multi-component systems necessary to accomplish the task.

The PPCA utilizes MKS Instruments' leading Baratron® capacitance manometer technology for pressure measurement. It is integrated along with a proportioning control valve and the latest in control electronics providing fast and accurate pressure control with critical flow monitoring as a system diagnostic. The PPCA can be configured for 5 to 1000 Torr Full Scale pressure with a control range from 5 to 100% of Full Scale. The control valve can be configured for Full Scale flow rates from 5 to 5000 sccm Full Scale depending on process conditions.

The PPCA is available with either digital I/O allowing straightforward integration into new or retrofit applications. In-situ tuning and component diagnostics are enhanced through the device's micro USB user interface accessible via virtually any PC with a web browser.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast response to set point with minimal overshoot
  • Metal-sealed, cleanroom manufactured units suit critical high purity applications
  • Integral Baratron capacitance manometer technology provides accuracy, reliability, and wide range
  • Temperature compensation maintains device accuracy over its operating temperature range
  • CE Mark compliant meets requirements for European Union


The PPCA Pressure Controller is suitable for transport chamber pressure control, critical backside wafer pressure control as well as run-vent pressure control applications.


P Series Pressure Controller


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