CombiBOX Digital Cbox D

The all-rounder CombiBOX D is basically designed for three applications:

1. Cbox D as a passive BUS terminal

Cbox D is a platform for high-speed automation-Systems. Based on an ultra-fast BUS cycle time of 50µs provides the fieldbus terminal with an EtherCAT-Slave-Interface digital Inputs / Outputs. On the contrary to a standard PLC – which operates at a cycle time of 1ms – realizes the Cbox D a BUS cycle time of 50µs, thus a 20 times faster and therefore a 20 times more precise evaluation of the process as conventional PLC systems. Real time software solutions are realized e.g. with the Soft-PLC TwinCAT.

2. Cbox D as an active PLC-Sub-System

Cbox D suits optimal as a high-speed PLC-Sub-system, to collect, evaluate, actuate and control stand-alone analog and digital process data and provides the process parameters additionally via an EtherCAT-Interface to a host system. Due to the high-speed internal processing of the I/O-Signals via CPU <50µs and FPGA <1µs are cycle times realized which are only a fraction of the BUS cycle.

3. Cbox D as an Embedded System

The Cbox D is also a stand-alone system for individual test- / control-applications available. Programming with C- programs for the ARM-Controller or with VHDL for the FPGA. Development Kits for individual applications are available.

System Features

  • 24 Digital inputs 2,5µs
  • Debouncing programmable
  • Flag counter
  • 24 Digital outputs 37µs
  • Error diagnostic 
  • Excess temerature detection 
  • Watchdog-Function
  • 2x SSI / IG with Master | Slave | Encoder Function
  • EtherCAT - Slave
  • Safety class IP 20


CombiBOX Digital Cbox D


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