Generation Easy for multi-axis applications.

The innovative i700 servo inverter for central motion control is characterized by its compact and highly flexible design: dual axes keep the drive size to a minimum, dynamic motor control makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Drive integration, commissioning and maintenance are substantially simplified thanks to its installation concept and easy engineering.

The i700 is particularly suitable for handling and packaging machines as well as robotic applications.

  • Multi-axis system (single and dual axes, power supply module)
  • DC-bus connection via busbar system
  • Pluggable connection system
  • Automatic parameter/firmware download via the control system
  • Flexible motor control
    • Servo with field weakening and torque pre-control for rotary and linear servo motors
    • resolver and encoder (SinCos and Hiperface®) feedback
    • V/f control for standard asynchronous motors without encoder
  • Scalable safety functions (higher safety functions than STO in preparation)
  • 3 cooling methods: cold plate, push-through, standard panel-mount
  • output current: 2.5 to 32 A (0.75 to 15 kW)
  • maximal output current: 5 to 64A
  • communication: EtherCAT
  • CiA 402 operating modes (position, velocity, torque-control, velocity-mode)





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