R-IN32M3 Module

R-IN32M3 module includes EtherCAT slave protocol stack as well as some other protocol stacks. The complete module solution with all its peripherals and the 2-port RJ45 connector is realized in a compact housing. The EtherCAT interface can be implemented through a serial communication (SPI) connection with the host microcomputer via the 9-pin header connector.

R-IN32M3 Module Solution Kit includes sample application software as well as tools to reduce the implementation effort and evaluation time. The sample application software, development support tools, and documents are available free of charge on the Renesas Electronics website.

  • R-IN32M3 Module [RY9012A]
  • LSI: R-IN32M3-EC
  • Size: 50 x 34 x12 mm
  • Network Connector: RJ45 2-port
  • Host CPU Interface: SPI
  • Operation temp.: -40 to +70 ℃
  • Power Voltage: 3.3±0.15 VDC
Solution Kits
  • Adapter Board with R-IN32M3 Module:
    • Connection of HOST CPU which existing evaluation board via Arduino or P-MOD interface
    • Available application sample software for Synergy Starter Kit SK-S7G2
  • CPU Card with R-IN32M3 Module:
    • Equipped with module and RX66T HOST CPU
    • Available application sample software for RX66T




R-IN32M3 Module



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