PowerDRIVE-Box GEL 6505

Field bus interface for the operation of up to five PowerDRIVEs

  • Compact connection technique
  • Electronic fuses
  • Integrated power management
  • Straightforward commissioning of the PowerDRIVEs

PowerDRIVE-Box minimises the wiring effort

Each positioning drive is part of a complete system and must be integrated into the plant control system. This task is very simple with the decentral control unit. Up to 5 PowerDRIVEs can be connected to the PowerDRIVE-Box. The motor power for the positioning drives connected is monitored and switched by the integrated power management in the PowerDRIVE-Box.

The communication with the plant control system is via the variable interface modules. Irrespective of whether EtherCAT or other communication systems, all common interfaces are available with the plug-in modules. This flexibility of the interface eases component management and reduces the inventory costs.

The PowerDRIVE-Box comes in a compact housing made of die-cast aluminium for mounting on top hat rails. For particularly demanding applications, a variant with stainless steel housing and cable glands is available (protection class IP 69K). As such it is suitable for installation outside the switch cabinet in food production plants. The hybrid cables of the positioning drives are fixed directly to the easily accessible spring-cage terminals to ensure a simple and economical connection work. It is recommended to use a 24 V DC / 40 A voltage-stabilised power supply unit.

The supply of power to the motor and logic in the positioning drives is separate. As such the drives can also be shut down via certified safety relays. In this case the drive is shut down safely. At the same time the state monitoring remains in operation. Essential requirements from the Machinery Directive can therefore be met.

With the aid of the auto-configuration and automatic parameter settings, the intelligent PowerDRIVE-Box simplifies commissioning and ensures the PowerDRIVEs are integrated efficiently. In the case of an error, the positioning drive can be switched back on either via the higher level control system or directly on the PowerDRIVE-Box.


PowerDRIVE-Box GEL 6505


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