MPC Axis Controller

Industrial PC for Automation

Providing both high performance and outstanding flexibility, the MPC is the answer to a broad range of industrial applications. The power of the MPC processor enables it to manage complex machines with a high updaterate. MPC takes advantage of all the PC communication interfacesand, in addition, provides an industrial Ethernet and a CANopen fieldbus port.


  • Motion : from 1 to 40 brushless axies


  • many hundred inputs/ouputs

Communication :

  • EtherCAT and other leading fieldbus communication technologies

Motion Studio Software

Thanks to its intuitive interface and its standardized language IEC 61131-3, the software workshop Motion Studio is extremely user-friendly and permits a rapid development of your application.


  • Axis controller, PLC and PC in the same box
  • Open and evolutionary architecture
  • Standardized Programming IEC 61131-3
  • Easy to use
  • Simplified wiring using digital data bus


MPC Axis Controller


SERAD France


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