Real-time networking (EtherCAT) Development Services

Acontis technologies GmbH offers software and hardware development for EtherCAT master and slave solutions. For many years acontis is known as specialist in embedded (real-time) operating systems, networking and network driver development.

Operating Systems

  • Wind River VxWorks
  • Microsoft Windows CE
  • Others: ERM, OS/9, pSOS, RMOS, QNX, VRTX

Processor Architectures

  • x86
  • ARM, XScale
  • PowerPC
  • 68k, Coldfire
  • MIPS
  • DSPs (e.g. Texas Instruments)
  • Microcontrollers (e.g. PIC)

Low Level Software

  • Board Support Packages (VxWorks, Windows CE)
  • Device drivers (serial, RS485, CAN, CANOpen, SPI, …) for different operating systems
  • Ethernet network drivers (Windows NDIS, VxWorks END, low level drivers, many different Ethernet chips, real-time optimized drivers)
  • Low level hardware test equipment software (different operating systems, x86, DSPs)
  • Windows real-time extension software

High Level Software

  • Real-time networking middleware
  • EtherCAT master/slave adaptation for robot control
  • .NET based graphical framework for hardware test equipment
  • .NET based control system



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