Pegasus Series

Pegasus Servo Drive Series

The Pegasus series is a integrated servo system with a built-in EtherCAT interface. It provides high performance and intelligent control (such as notch filer, auto-tuning, various gain switching mode, etc.).


  • Input voltage: DC 48V ~ DC 60V
  • Motor rated output: 50W ~ 300W
  • Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50°C


  • Integrated servo System (Motor + Encoder + Drive)
    • reduced wiring, no need for control box
    • Magnetic encoder interface
    • will support multi-turn encoder
  • Support CiA402 (IEC61800-7) drive profile
  • Minimum cycle time: 250us 
  • Have a precise synchronization mechanism (<1us)
  • Freely settable process data length and mapping
  • Four status indication LEDs (L/A In, L/A Out, RUN, ERR)
  • Standard RJ45 connector and cabling (Category 5)
  • Support various homing modes
  • Support various operation modes (CSP, CSV, CST, PP, PV, PT, HM)
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) function (IEC61508)
  • High speed position capture function (2ch. touch probe inputs)
  • USB Support (OTG, Device)
  • Physical node ID setting

The full line-up (~PEGA-A 100W, ~PEGA-B 300W) is scheduled by the 1Q of 2014.


Pegasus Series


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