SD6 Drive Controller

Modular fully digital servo inverter
SD6 Drive Controller
Power range 0.37 to 50 kW

  • 1.5 - 20.0 A 
  • High performance drive dontroller 
  • Position, speed and current control in 62.5 µs
  • Servo control based on highest EnDat® 2.2 performance (25 Bit per revolution)
  • EtherCAT-based Controller Based Solution (CiA 402): cyclic synchronous position/velocity/torque/homing mode
  • PARAMODUL, industrial, micro-SD-Card based memory module for all drive controller data
  • Electronic Safety function STO (EN 61800-5-2) 
  • Remote maintenance integrated 
  • Connection of up to 32 axes (IGB)
  • DC link connection by Quick DC Link option
  • Encoder interface for digital absolute encoder (EnDat with electronic motor type plate, SSI) and incremental encoder (TTL, HTL)
  • Option board slots for communication functions (EtherCAT and other fieldbus interfaces) and terminal expansion 
  • Operational reliability thanks to oversized power stage for 250 % accelerating current 
  • PTC or KTY motor protection 
  • All terminals are plug-in (durable spring-loaded terminals) 
  • Self-luminous Display and keyboard with one touch save key
  • Motor control: VC, SLVC, V/f 
  • Drive Control Tool: Comissioning software for Windows software




SD6 Drive Controller




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