NX Series EtherCAT Coupler Unit NX-ECC

Combine flexibility in remote I/O configuration with the speed and determinism of EtherCAT: The EtherCAT Coupler Unit is the link between the EtherCAT Machine Control network and the NX-series I/O Units. With I/O Units ranging from basic I/O's to high-speed synchronous models, the NX-series is the perfect match for the Sysmac Machine Automation Controllers.


  • Up to 63 NX-IO Units can be connected to one EtherCAT Coupler Unit. Standard and high-performance units can be mixed*.
  • Each Coupler plus its I/O form just a single EtherCAT node on the Network.
  • I/O control and safety control can be integrated by connecting Units for safety.
  • The Coupler supports the EtherCAT Distributed Clock (DC) and propagates this to synchronous I/O units.
  • The node address can be fixed by rotary switches, or set by software. Choose the method that best suits your way of engineering.
  • Slave configuration by Sysmac Studio can be done centrally via the controller, or on-the-spot using the Coupler's built-in USB port.

*Input per Coupler Unit: Maximum 1024 Bytes, Output per Coupler Unit: Maximum 1024 Bytes




NX Series EtherCAT Coupler Unit NX-ECC



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