L7N Servo Drives Series

The L7N series provide High Performance and Intelligent Control (such as notch filer, auto-tuning, various gain switching mode, etc.) with EtherCAT interface.


  • Input voltage: Three phase AC 200V ~ 230 V
  • Motor rated output: 100W ~ 3.5kW
  • Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50°C


  • 100BASE-TX (100Mbps) Ethernet based real-time communication
  • Support CiA402 (IEC61800-7) drive profile
  • Interoperability (Conformance test was verified by CTT)
  • Maximum 100m between nodes
  • Have a precise synchronization mechanism (<1us)
  • Freely settable process data length and mapping
  • Four status indication LEDs (L/A0, L/A1, RUN, ERR)
  • Standard RJ45 connector and cabling (Category 5)
  • Support various homing modes
  • Support various operation modes (CSP, CSV, CST, PP, PV, PT, HM, IP)
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) Function (IEC61508)
  • High speed position capture function (2ch Touch probe inputs)
  • Support full-closed control (planned by the 2Q of 2012)
  • Full line-up (up to 15kW 200V class, up to 37kW 400V class) is planned by the 4Q of 2012




L7N Servo Drives Series


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