netDIMM - Finished netX Design in standardized DIMM-PC format

  • Target platform for own netX based applications
  • With netX technology for all Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems usable
  • Comprehensive accessories like licensed protocol stack modules and Board Support Packages available
  • Compact dimensions according DIMM 144 pin standard
  • Read-to-use solutions with visualization or control as development service

netDIMM is a plug-in module in the well-known 144 pin DIMM-PC format and the simplest solutions to expand automation devices with network technology and own netX based applications.

The netDIMM platform is a complete netX controller design and contains all necessary operating components such as memory, oscillator, reset generator and voltage converter. The communication signals, the peripheral bus, USB, LCD and LED signals are provided on the DIMM interface. The corresponding electrical connections have to be applied and interconnected on the base board.

netDIMM is available in the variants -NET and -HMI. The NET variant has its focus on applications needing communication. It provides the corresponding Fieldbus/Ethernet signals to the base board. The HMI type is designed for the visualization market and delivers additional LCD- and touch controller signals. Thus it is possible to build a Windows-CE or Linux based terminal with soft-keys, SD/MMC-card and USB interface with minimum effort. All other applications are developed under the real-time operating system rcX where licensed protocol stacks modules can be acquired on demand for own integrations.

For a quick evaluation and development a starter board is available that provides all physical communication interfaces to the user. Next to the slot for the netDIMM module connectors for Ethernet, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet as well as RS232C, USB and JTAG are assembled and provided. Hardware extensions can be adapted via the extension bus that is made accessible via pin strips. For the HMI type a TFT display and a SD/MMC Card slot is assembled additionally.





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