Single/Dual Axis NanoPWM Drive with ±10V commands interface

Powerful Dual Axis Drive Module

  • Two drives per module
  • Voltage: 12Vdc – 100Vdc
  • Current: Up to 13.3A / 40A (cont./peak) 

The Ultimate Drive for Demanding Positioning Applications

  • Sub-nanometer standstill jitter
  • Nanometer tracking error and optimal velocity smoothness

Replaces Linear Drives while gaining all the advantages of PWM drives

  • ±10v current commutation commands controller-drive interface
  • Lower heat dissipation
  • Better reliability
  • Significantly smaller
  • Simpler supply requirements
  • Digitally controlled and easy setup
  • DRBoost™ Dynamic range control STO (Safe Torque Off) option
  • Built-in motor phases shortening relays option
The NPAPM is a line of the most advanced PWM servo drives available today. It is specifically designed to address the most demanding applications with regards to move and settle times, standstill jitter, and velocity smoothness, such as wafer metrology and inspection, FPD inspection, and ultra-precision machining for processing of optical components.




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