S400 Servo Drive

This digital multi-axis system operates directly from 115 to 400 VAC lines and provides output current of 3 or 6 Amps RMS/phase, continuous. It supports 1 master and up to 7 extension axes, is CANopen compatible, and is fully programmable via an RS232 interface. These drives are supported for existing customers only. For new applications, we recommend the AKD Series.


  • Two current classes: 3A and 6A rated current at up to 400 V mains voltage (6A requires additional fan)
  • Operation directly from mains supply, integral mains filter:
    • 1 x 115 V AC, 1 x 230 VAC
    • 3 x 115 V AC, 3 x 230 VAC
    • 3 x 230 V AC, 3 x 400 VAC
  • Power supply and regen circuit integrated in the master (first axis) for standalone operation
  • Up to 7 extension axes at one master; axis modules are identical for all voltages
  • Mounting on hat rail: suitable for 300 mm switchgear cabinets
  • All shield connections directly at the amplifier, integral mains filter
  • Resolver and high resolution sine-cosine encoder feedback
  • Current controller, speed controller, position controller, electrical gearing, RS232, CANopen®
  • LED-Display and keyboard in the front panel of the master module
  • EtherCAT and other fieldbus systems optional
  • Encoder emulation: ROD426-compatible (dec./bin.) or SSI (Gray/bin.) selectable
  • Controls for the motor brake
  • Fully programmable via RS232 interface


S400 Servo Drive




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