EtherCAT Training

Due to the increasing networking of the industrial environment, Ethernet communication plays an increasingly important role in the connection and control of devices. Today, different Ethernet standards are available for fieldbus communication (e.g. EtherCAT). The communication is typically based on an acyclic and a cyclic data exchange. Fieldbus communication does not only differ in terms of a different protocol specification, but also in different bus topologies. In order to be able to use the fieldbus communication efficiently, Sybera offers training in EtherCAT development. During our training, we impart knowledge neutral and product-independent. The training provides a comprehensive insight into the EtherCAT technology based on examples and practical exercises.

The training covers the basics of the EtherCAT structure, state management, PDI control, SYNC management, FMMU management, mailbox communication, COE and PDO assignment, watchdog module monitoring, distributed clock (DC), parameterization and ESI files treated in detail. The training participants receive detailed background information about the EtherCAT technology for daily use and consolidate their knowledge with Wireshark - analysis. The training participants will also be able to independently configure, program and analyze EtherCAT projects. The training is aimed at all developers, users and service technicians.


EtherCAT Training