Industrial Ethernet Multi-Channel Probe ET2000

With the ET2000 multi-channel probe Beckhoff introduces a versatile piece of hardware for analysing any Industrial Ethernet solution. With eight ports this device enables unlimited synchronised recording of up to four independent channels at a speed of 10 or 100 Mbit/s. All real-time Ethernet standards such as EtherCAT, PROFINET®, etc. and conventional office Ethernet networks are supported.

Through its compact and rugged design the ET2000 is ideal both for the local application at machines or in the laboratory. The four channels enable recording and analysis of separate networks or different points within the same network. All frames in transit – in both directions – are furnished with a high-precision timestamp in the probe hardware and copied to the Gbit uplink port. The high timestamp resolution of 1 ns enables very precise timing analysis of the connected network segments. To display this accurate timestamp information, a special DLL for Wireshark has to be installed. This file can be downloaded from the Beckhoff website directly here.

The ET2000 probe is transparent for the connected buses. Thanks to the low cycle delay of <1 μs the influence on the system is very small.

The device can be connected to any Gbit Ethernet interfaces on the PC side. It is supplied with a Windows driver based on the open WinPcap software interface. This means that the versatile ET2000 probe can be used with freely available network monitors such as Wireshark (Ethereal) or with special tools such as the EtherCAT analyser.


Industrial Ethernet Multi-Channel Probe ET2000


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