Stepper Motor Terminals

For simple positioning tasks a Stepper motor is often an economical alternative. They allow, by the combination of single steps, a positioning process without feedback of the rotor positions. This "open control chain" mode of operation and the longevity of a stepper motor are particularly interesting for price-sensitive fields of application. However, safe positioning is only guaranteed within the performance limits.

The EL7031 and EL7041 stepper motor terminals are designed for direct connection of medium capacity stepper motors. A high frequency clocked PWM output stage regulates the currents through the motor coils.

The stepper motor terminals are synchronized with the motor by parameterizing. Unipolar as well as bipolar stepper motors can be driven. Additional inputs support functions like homing and final position monitoring. 64-fold micro stepping ensures particularly quiet and precise motor operation. Together with our stepper motors AS10xx, the stepper motor terminals represent an inexpensive small servo axis. The EL7041 also includes an incremental encoder interface to read position data.

The EL7031 stepper motor terminal is designed exclusively for 24 V supply voltage. The motor current can reach up to 1.5 A. The EL7041 covers a supply voltage range from 8 V DC to 50 V DC. The motor current can be set from 1 to 5 A.In high dynamic applications, negative acceleration causes the feedback of energy, which leads to voltage peaks at the power supply unit. An EL9570 buffer capacitor terminal protects from the effects of overvoltage, in that it absorbs some of the energy. If the voltage exceeds the capacity of the terminal, it gets rid of the excess energy via an external resistance.

In flexible mechanical concepts stepper terminals can be used in water protected IP67 versions as well. These EtherCAT Box modules EP7041, in different versions, allow the mounting right next to the stepper motor, thus eliminating long cable sets from the cabinet to the motors. On-board encoder interface and in- and outputs generate a clean engineering concept and help in service and maintenance of the machine.




Stepper Motor Terminals


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