EtherCAT Pneumatic Valve Manifold with CPX Remote I/O

The CPX-Terminal is a cost effective and flexible electrical I/O terminal which can be combined with valve manifolds. It has a maximum capacity of 512 I/O.

Together with the highly modular valve terminals MPA or VTSA an optimal synthesis of pneumatics and electrics is possible. Both valve families can mix different valve sizes and support all usual valve functions. The MPA system can be expanded to a maximum number of 64 valve positions and up to 128 valve coils. In addition proportional valves, pressure sensors modules and power separations can be integrated inside the MPA platform. The VTSA family supports flow rates of up to 1500 l/m and complies to the ISO 15407-2 and ISO 5599-2 standards.

Features include:

  • Versatile electronic I/O connection scheme in high protection rate IP65/67
  • Variable power supply capability
  • Easily-serviced electronic I/O for analogue and digital signals
  • Function integration of pneumatic and electronic drive technologies
  • Combination with decentral valve- and I/O-modules
  • Complete diagnostics for fast error detection


EtherCAT Pneumatic Valve Manifold with CPX Remote I/O



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