EtherCAT Charge Amplifier PSA4

The PiezoSignalAmplifier PSA4 is a digital, 4-channel charge amplifier with EtherCAT-Interface for measuring force, tonnage, compression, acceleration, vibration, torsion with piezo electric sensors.

High-speed sampling rate and high resolution allows the evaluation of very fast processes for all types of piezo sensors.

The robust aluminum housing and the safety class IP67 allow applications of the PSA4 in rough industrial environment and guarantees a reliable and long-lasting functionality.

Extremely low drift of the input stage and the digital processing of the charge signal are very precise and allow therefore also quasi-static measurements.

System Features

  • 4 Piezo-inputs
  • Internal sampling rate 100 KSPS / channel
  • High Slew-rate: 550 pC / µs
  • Large Meas.-range: ± 2 x 109 pC
  • Meas. error < 0,5 % of the meas. value 
  • Absolute calibrated in pC 
  • Interface via EtherCAT
    • Absolute charge value in p
    • Analog scaling ± 10 V 
  • 2 Digital inputs 24 V
  • 2 Digital outputs 24 V
  • EtherCAT - Slave
  • Vibration 25 G
  • Safety class IP 67


EtherCAT Charge Amplifier PSA4


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