ARDUINO / PMOD boards with real-time multi-protocol solutions available

In addition to EtherCAT, the 2-port version offers various industrial Ethernet variants as a multiprotocol solution.

Via an SPI-based CoC (Core to Core) communication (host CPU / communication CPU), EVAL boards can be extended with the Real Time ARDUINO / PMOD board (compatible as ARDUINO Shield). 3 different CS (chip select) sources are selectable so that up to 3 adapter boards can be stacked. On the PMOD side an interface of type 2a (expanded SPI) is provided.

The core of the ARDUINO / PMOD board is an intelligent communication unit called the "intellegent RJ45 Module". This module can be obtained through RENESAS or the distribution like Arrow, Avnet.

The ARDUINO / PMOD board is based on the GOAL technology (middleware), which makes real-time communication "easy to use" with numerous features and management tools.

The board will be presented with examples of the SPI communication RENESAS Synergy and ST Micro e.g. STM32Fx (NUCLEO) delivered. Further examples are in preparation or on request.





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