Sigma-5 Series

The Sigma-5 servo amplifier product line from Yaskawa delivers the highest performance in the industry with a wide range of models and options to match your individual application requirements.

  • Outstanding frequency response of 1.6 kHz
  • Autotuning with real-time adaptive load control; Settling time: 0-4 ms with fine tuning
  • Safety standards:
    • Safety Category 3
    • The STO function is embedded in all Sigma-5 series servo amplifiers
    • SS1, SS2 and SLS can be integrated by using the safety module
  • The EtherCAT (CoE) option implements the CANopen drive profile (CiA402) with the EtherCAT digital communication bus. This allows the user to control a Sigma-5 amplifier with an EtherCAT master in a variety of different modes (cyclic synchronous position, cyclic synchronous velocity, cyclic synchronous torque, interpolated position, profile position, profile velocity, or profile torque).


Sigma-5 Series




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