C6 Safety I/O

With the Safety I/O modules, KEB lays the foundations for extending the safety chain and integrating more tasks in the automation environment. Modular terminal systems as inputs and outputs form the interfaces for signals or process parameters. Within the FSoE safety protocol, a Safety I/O module is now available which integrates safety chain tasks in the existing modular top-hat rail terminal system.

Safety I/Os fulfill SIL 3 to DIN EN ISO 61508, or Performance Level e (PLe) of DIN EN ISO 13849. In combination with the Safety PLC, the module can be used for the following safety functions:

  • 4 x emergency off switch
  • 4 x contact emitter
  • 2 x light grid
  • 2 x one-hand operation
  • 2 x independent output functions


C6 Safety I/O



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