Low Power, High Performance - with Intel Pentium M - the SMALLEST and FASTEST IPC - TODAY!


Raw power in just a shoe box - cunning latest Intel Pentium M technology as the ultimate small footprint turn-key solution - ready to go - DONE!

JRex-IBOX-PM with Intel Pentium M enables >1.0GHz performance powered applications with high integrated and unique up-to-date features like USB 2.0 and low power Enhanced Speedstep Architecture!

The systems performance with an Intel® Pentium® M CPU is enhanced by 400 MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) and UDMA-100 EIDE, besides DDR-RAM-DIMM with ECC support. Each IBOX is a member of the IBOX system family. IBOX systems are characterized by the same mechanical layout but with best scaling choice from VIA Eden up to Intel® Pentium® M. This family feature allows you to scale your systems performance the easiest way possible - without changing the periphery.

The IBOX can be enhanced with JFLEX IO modules - to provide i.e. 3 x LAN/4 x USB/Firewire, Sound or MultiCOM/GPIO/PCCard. See these links to learn more about the IO expansion choices.

Together with Profimatics GmbH, Kontron has equipped the JRex-IBox line for the OEM field for hard realtime in Industrial Ethernet. A realtime operating system was developed which is tailored to Intel x86 processors and is particularly suited for realtime Ethernet applications such as EtherCAT. Because EtherCAT is an open realtime solution with extremely short delay and cycle times it is of particular interest for the fields of automation, production, and manufacturing, where hard realtime is demanded again and again.

JRex-IBOX-PM highest performance at attractive price

Basic configuration with:

  • Intel® Pentium® M at 800 MHz or 1.8 GHz with enhanced Intel® SpeedStep® technology
  • No CPU fan
  • 1 x 10/100MBit Ethernet and 2 x USB 2.0, VGA, PS/2 mouse and keyboard , 1 x COM
  • Highly integrated Intel® 855GM chipset with: 400 MHz Front Side Bus up to 1 Gbyte, DDR 200/266, integrated USB 2.0, integrated Graphics Engine
  • Integrated 2,5" HDD
  • Compact Flash up to 2 GB
  • One JFlex extension





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