Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Our premier machine automation solution brings together a highly integrated and intuitive software programming environment, best-in-class motion components and exceptional co-engineering services to help you build a highly differentiated machine - and a more profitable business. For customer after customer, Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ has proven to dramatically accelerate development time, increase machine throughput, reduce scrap and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


Machine performance

  • Up to 25% greater throughput
  • Up to 50% scrap reduction
  • Improved accuracy
  • Advanced motion to enable unique machine performance

Fast to market

  • Up to 30% reduction in development time
  • Services available for program development, training, start-up, and support
  • Industry standard programming environment and industrial networks

Enhanced ease-of-use and integration

  • Single integrated programming environment for automation, motion and all hardware
  • Drag-and-drop motion programming
  • Certified components that are tested to work together
  • Seamless drive integration and configuration for optimal drive set-up

A demonstrated solution

  • The result of over 20 years of refining automation and motion programming and implementation
  • Combines the best of our experience across the multiple suppliers and platforms that form today’s Kollmorgen
  • Kollmorgen Automation Suite has undergone over two years of field testing in customer applications


Kollmorgen Automation Suite™




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