BCG450 Bayard-Alpert Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge - Triple Gauge™

The INFICON Bayard-Alpert Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge, BCG450, combines the advantages of three different technologies in a single, compact, economical package to measure process and base pressure from 5×10-10 to 1500 mbar (3.75×10-10 to 1125 Torr). The BCG450 is designed to take the place of three sensors (Hot Ion, convection enhanced Pirani and vacuum switch), thus reducing cost and valuable tool space.


  • BCG450 saves cost and tool space and reduces the complexity of vacuum measurement installation and setup
  • Gas-type-independent pressure measurement above 10 Torr provides more reliable loadlock control for any gas mixture
  • Pirani interlock protects the hot filament from premature burnout
  • Automatic high vacuum Pirani adjustment reduces operator interventions
  • Differential pressure measurement at atmosphere eliminates uncertainty related to atmospheric pressure changes
  • Easy-to-exchange sensing element with on-board calibration data guarantees reproducibility
  • Optional graphic display and several fieldbus interfaces available (besides EtherCAT, other leading fieldbus systems are supported)
  • RoHS compliance


  • Pressure measurement in Semiconductor process, transfer and loadlock chambers
  • Industrial coating
  • General vacuum measurement and control on systems in the low to ultra high vacuum range




BCG450 Bayard-Alpert Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge - Triple Gauge™




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