EC-DIO32 is a 24V remote EtherCAT and CAN IO-module, housing a Motorola Freescale microprocessor with 16 Bit and 32 freely configurable inputs and outputs. It is separated into 4 blocks of 8 interfaces each that can be configured and addressed via Hex-switches. The blocks’ power supply allows the use in safety-relevant applications, e.g. guard doors.

The device offers various possibilities for revertively monitoring power levels and switching habits. These features facilitate the detection of defect outputs. By monitoring the levels of input signals the module can also verify input faults. It is also possible to implement a current measurement at the inputs and outputs for controlling absorption and delivery.

EC-DIO32 has a 3-pole CAN-interface and two RJ45 plugs for connecting different modules via Ethernet patch cable. In addition to that there is a detection of CAN and EtherCAT network technology implemented. LEDs and two 7segment displays for each block show the status of the module channels. The network can therefore be created and monitored very easily. 3-point connection technology facilitates the direct connection of all sensors and actors with the module. The EC-DIO32 contains Phoenix clamps for easy and rugged contact, making it robust and process proof in multiple applications.

Number of inputs Up to 32, divided into blocks of 8each.
Configurable via hex switches
Number of outputs Up to 32, divided into blocks of 8 each.
Configurable via hex switches
VCC 24 VDC ± 20%
Input Data
Switching level „1“ +15.0V – +28.8V DC
Switching level„0“ 0.0V – +8.0V DC
Electrical isolation Optocoupler
Input current 11 mA
Switching frequency (Fg) 5 kHz
Signal delay < 400 μs
Output Data
Current 24 VDC ± 20%
Type of circuit FET-Highside-Power-Switch
Electrical isolation Optocoupler
Output current 1 A (short-circuit-proof)
Module overall current 8 A
Module overall current at blockwise supply  16 A
Catch diode Yes, actuated inductivities demand
ext. catch diodes
Signal delay < 100 μs




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