Cube20S connects slim input and output modules with a width of only 12.5 mm for base modules with integrated bus nodes. Digital and analog modules with two, four or eight channels are available, as well as function modules like counters or potential distributors. Combining the standard output modules with Murrelektronik's safety relay MIRO Safe+ make it possible to safely switch off non-safe outputs up to Category 3 PLd. Modules for active safety applications up to SIL3 and PLe are also available. The fieldbus stations can be precisely configured according to the the engineers need for their installations. Cube20S is available for the various fieldbus systems like EtherCAT. This wide variety of models and the short response times (up to 20 μs) make Cube20S suitable for a large number of applications.

Each bus node can be expanded with max. 64 modules without doing a lot of wiring. Each expansion module consists of a base and an electronic module. Installation is simple and wiring errors are avoided: the modules are connected with plug mechanism and they are also protected from reverse polarity. Power and data are supplied via an integrated backplane bus with 48 MBit/s that is integrated in the base. When it's time for maintenance, the electronic modules can be conveniently exchanged without having to be disconnected.

The bases feature a special locking system for DIN rail mounting which makes it possible to assemble the complete station outside the control cabinet and then mount it in as a finished block. With the color-coded power modules, it is easy to create different power circuits or to refresh the power on the backplane bus.

Cube20S features labels and a user-friendly diagnostic concept: Labels can be attached next to the LEDs. This makes it possible to identify and read channel states reliably. Spring clamp terminals simplify installation.





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