EtherCAT® Single/Dual Axis NanoPWM Drive Module

Powerful & Smart EtherCAT Drive Module

  • Two drives per module for Gantry control
  • Voltage: 12Vdc – 100Vdc
  • Current: Up to 13.3A / 40A (cont./peak)

The Ultimate Drive for Demanding Positioning Applications

  • Sub-nanometer standstill jitter
  • Nanometer tracking error and optimal velocity smoothness

A Lower Cost of Ownership Alternative to Linear Drives

  • Lower heat dissipation
  • Better reliability
  • Significantly smaller
  • Simpler supply requirements
  • Digitally controlled and easy setup

Uncompromised speed and resolution

  • Up to 4 Analog Sin-Cos 1Vptp encoders with frequency up to 10MHz
  • Encoder multiplication of 4 to 65,536
  • Automatic encoder compensation and error detection
  • Dual feedback support
  • Two squared Sin-Cos
  • Position feed forward for active vibration isolation systems
  • Optional internal relays for dynamic braking (shorting motor phases)

Smart Motion related I/O

  • Digital I/O
    Inputs: 4 encoder registration MARK / general purpose
    Outputs: 2 Position Event Generators, 2 motor brake / general purpose
  • Analog I/O
    Inputs: 4, 12 bit resolution, +/-10V
    Outputs: 4, 16 bit resolution, +/-10V




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