softMC Motion Controller

Servotronix introduces the softMC Multi Axis Motion Controller, offering extensive programming capabilities for a variety of automation and robotics applications. It fratures Servotronix advanced control algorithms embedded in a qualified off-the-shelf industrial PC, providing an open and modular machine control environment. Its powerful and real-time Linux-based programming language enables preemptive multitasking at user program level.

The softMC provides extensive motion and robotics functionalities for standard robot types such as DELTA, PUMA, SCARA, as well as for  other non-standard robotic kinematics, such as traverse, scissors etc.

softMC is seamlessly integrated with Servotronix drive-motor systems to provide an optimal cost-performance ratio.

Customized software solutions can be designed per customer‘s hardware upon special request.

Key benefits:

  • Open, modular, and modern machine control environment
  • Ethernet machine interface´
  • Support for EtherCAT® and CANopen® motion buses (other communication systems on special request)
  • Controls up to 128 interpolated axes
  • Extensive capabilities for both standard and non-standard robotic kinematics
  • Software core has been implemented in motion and robotic applications for over 15 years


softMC Motion Controller


Servotronix Motion Control

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