EtherCAT DeviceExplorer

The EtherCAT DeviceExplorer is a versatile tool for development, testing, diagnostics and service tasks. It provides EtherCAT master functionalities and allows analysis and configuration of EtherCAT CoE devices.

Information about each EtherCAT device are read from the electronic data sheet of the device, or they can be scanned directly from the device. Additionally, data of entire EtherCAT networks can be stored in project files. The built-in scripting capability using QtScript allows users to create their own test and control applications with only little effort.

Due to the scripting capability of the EtherCAT DeviceExplorer it is possible to adjust the user interface of the tool to customer specific needs. For example it is possible to include a mask for service use. It is even possible to hide the standard UI of the EtherCAT DeviceExplorer with a PlugIn.PlugIns scripts can be written by the users, or if wished emtas can create PlugIns according to the customer’s requirements.


EtherCAT DeviceExplorer


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