Temperature Control Equipment (Thermo Chiller)

High performance type SMC Thermo Chiller for semiconductors

  • It is roughly classified into a refrigerating chiller that can handle from low temperature to high temperature range and a refrigerant free water cooled chiller for medium and high temperature.
  • There are single type, dual type, and triple type that can individually control the temperature of 1 to 3 channels with one Thermo Chiller according to the application.
  • The temperature stability is ± 0.1 °C, and the temperature range is wide from -40 °C to +200 °C.
  • We also have a lineup of double inverter types equipped with a DC inverter compressor and an inverter pump, achieving even greater energy savings.
  • The circulating fluid is compatible with fluorinated fluid, 60% ethylene glycol aqueous solution, and water / deionized water (pure water).
  • In addition to saving energy, SMC's Thermo Chiller saves space, wiring, piping, man hours and contributes to customers' SDGs activities.