EtherCAT Dual Servo Drive

The EtherCAT Dual Servo Drive (with EtherCAT Conformance Certificate) is a flexible drive capable of operating in multiple configurable modes with varying levels of integrated intelligence.


  • Dual port EtherCAT slave (DS402, 32 bit distributed clock)
  • DSP-FPGA control
  • 2 PWM end-stages with 3 phase output:
    • Short circuit proof
    • Switching frequency above audible range
    • 3 Arms continuous and 9Arms peak
  • Motor and mains EMC filter integrated
  • Safety contactor motor output
  • Sensor interfaces:
    • Five S0S90 inputs, <20MHz count frequency with fault detection
    • One S0S90 output
  • Internal break chopper
  • IP40 housing
  • CE, UL508C, CSA 22.2 NO.14


  • Very versatile application area
  • Integrated all functionalities resulting in a extremely competitive price
  • EtherCAT Conformance Certificate
  • Another proof that Prodrive perfectly optimizes products to customer needs

Application areas:

  • Industrial automation / controls
  • Conveying application




EtherCAT Dual Servo Drive


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