Anybus-S Interface Module for EtherCAT

Embedded EtherCAT Slave Interface Module

The Anybus-S EtherCAT module incorporates a powerful Slave interface providing instant connectivity to EtherCAT networks. The EtherCAT module is the latest contribution to the Anybus-S family that now supports 18 different fieldbusses and 4 Industrial Ethernet versions. The EtherCAT module has already proven its full interoperability with EtherCAT Masters from Beckhoff and others as it passed the extensive testing during the EtherCAT Plug Fest of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG).

The EtherCAT module is based on Beckhoff´s EtherCAT technology and contains all protocol functions including the CANopen based application layer for process data (PDO) and parameter data (SDO) communication functions. The module provides a 2-port 100 Mbit/s interface with standard RJ45 connectors.

Anybus-S modules are ready-to-use embedded communication interfaces for all kind of automation devices. Each module implements one specific network interface. All modules have a fully standardized hardware and software interface and the footprint of a credit card. The Dual Port Ram based hardware and software interface is standardized and all modules provide the same data access mechanisms for the software of the automation device. This allows full interchangeability among all Anybus modules. Device manufactures can now easily switch to another industrial network without the need to make changes to the hardware and software of their automation device.

The HMS In-Design-Centers in Chicago, Tokyo, Karlsruhe and Halmstad are offering free In-Design support during the integration of Anybus modules into automation devices. The all-round service includes training, qualified advice and complete sample programs.




Anybus-S Interface Module for EtherCAT


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