RapidoScan Light Grids

The RapidoScan is by far the fastest light curtain measurement system available on the market today. It has a very high resolution of 2,5 mm and is optimally suited to the detection of transparent objects. With a directly integrated, real-time EtherCAT interface (with built-in switch), all measurement data can be output to the control. The RapidoScan can be ordered in lengths from 160 mm to 2,000 mm in steps of 160 mm.

200,000 measurements per second
Ideal scenarios include fast trigger applications, detecting very small objects even at high speeds and precise object measurement. The RapidoScan takes only 5 µs to process an individual beam. If configured with only one beam active, it can take 200,000 measurements per second, all available at the switching output.

Real-time output of analogue data
In some applications a camera system can be replaced. The RapidoScan allows real-time output of the measured analogue data for each individual beam, allowing it to operate as a simple line scan camera. For this application, special attention should be paid to an optimized beam geometry that is available at sufficient ranges.

Unique WLAN interface
In almost all cases, displays and operating elements built into a device are no longer accessible after installation. Furthermore, a simple menu structure for easy parametrisation is practically impossible to create using such reduced operating elements. As first of its class to feature a WLAN interface, the Rapidoscan offers simple and informative configuration and visualisation.


RapidoScan Light Grids


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