DIAdem EtherCAT Driver

National Instruments (NI) DIAdem is the standard software by National Instruments for measurement, control, and visualization as well as for data management, data analysis and report generation. Its wide functional range, various interfaces and efficient script functionality make DIAdem a perfect basis for complete solutions from test stand automation up to company-wide evaluation solutions.
a-solution's DIAdem EtherCAT Driver adds National Instrument's EtherCAT slave chassis NI 9144 and the appropriate C-series modules as well as any other EtherCAT slaves to the hardware available in DIAdem DAC.
The driver provides a real-time connection between DIAdem and the slaves via the fast industrial Ethernet Standard EtherCAT and based on the EtherCAT master by Kithara. Bus scan function detects EtherCAT topology automatically and makes it available within the DIAdem DAC scheme file.
Kithara EtherCAT master supports numerous standard Ethernet controllers by RealTek and Intel, thus requiring no dedicated PC hardware and working on any PC types (e.g. Notebooks).

Technical Details:

  • Bus scan function based on EtherCAT XML device description files
  • Integration of NI 9144-supported C-Series modules and individual FPGA code
  • Data acquisition with channel sampling rates of up to 10 kHz (without oversampling)
  • Signal output in Interrupt at up to 1 kHz per channel
  • compatible with DIAdem from version 2012
  • Windows 7 support


DIAdem EtherCAT Driver



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