Analog or digital - the acceptance and output of signals in the periphery of a system requires the decentralisation of joining technology and a suitable medium of signal transmission to central intelligence. The KEB REMOTE I/O system is based on the economically optimal Ethernet hardware and transfers the proven characteristics of real-time communication into each element of the input/output level using the EtherCAT protocol standard.

Mechanically assembled in a standardised 25 mm aluminium frame, this plug-in modular system meets the highest requirements for EMC immunity, and offers a high degree of packing density. Each bus coupler, as the head end of a decentralised unit, can connect up to 20 remote I/O modules with a maximum current drain of 3 A.

The efficient plug technology of the various modules allows for quick installation, extension or replacement with a standardised 35 mm DIN top-hat rail. The spring-loaded connectors of the connections feature a high service density and vibration resistance, and use a simple lever mechanism for dismantling purposes without requiring special tools.





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