Modular Servo Drive (MSD)

MSD (Modular Servo Drive) for robotic applications, where no compromise on compactness and power/current density shall be allowed.

MSD comes with most common interfaces, which makes it ready to be integrated, no breakout/extension/sister board has to be designed.

Imagine you are designing a humanoid robot, which has series elastic actuator (SEA), where 2 or 3 encoder interfaces are required, is there any commercial servo drive which works out of the box?

Imagine you are designing such a SEA, you want to deploy your control algorithms directly to the servo drive for the highest performance, do you remember how hard it was? With our MSD you can write you own code in C/C++ and deploy it to the MSD directly.

  • High power density, over 2400 of “effective” Watts
  • High current – up to 50A @ 48V
  • Low switching loss, > 99% efficiency.
  • Support various feedback sensor for current/velocity/position control of electric motors
  • Ultra Small, Ultra Efficient, 50x50x19mm with all connectors built-in
  • Ready to be plugged out of box, no hustle for making extension/breakout board
  • Onboard IMU (inertial measurement unit), bluetooth, ADC, DIO and more interfaces on the advance version, no need to make sister boards which saves a lot real estate for robots.
  • High speed real-time fieldbus using EtherCAT
  • User-centered RoboMC EtherCAT Master
  • More freedom – we provide user programming space which allows the user to deploy custom code to the servo drive


Modular Servo Drive (MSD)


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