AMC EtherCAT Slave Module

The NAMC-ECAT is an EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) slave interface in AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) form factor.

The NAMC-ECAT connects the two hemispheres of the real-time, high speed field bus EtherCAT and the flexible, scalable and powerful MicroTCA embedded architecture.

The goal of the EtherCAT technology is to have a high speed real-time field bus system with very short cycle times and an exact synchronisation at affordable prices, which gets more and more important in the industrial automation. EtherCAT can be used in a broad range of applications and is completely conformant to the current Ethernet standard.

Using MicroTCA systems as dedicated slave nodes in an EtherCAT network adds a new dimension of intelligent, scalable and high performance network nodes to this industrial automation network.

The NAMC-ECAT and MicroTCA systems are dedicated to applications in the industrial automation, high energy physics, medical, defence and aerospace market.


  • Formfactor and Standard Compliance: PICMG AMC.0 R2.0
  • AMC formfact: single high, compact, mid or full size
  • Backplane Interface: PCIe 1 lane to Port 4, PICMG AMC.1 R1.0
  • IPMI and Compliance: PICMG AMC.0 R2.0
  • EtherCAT System Controller: ESC ET1100 EtherCAT-ASIC
  • 3 RJ45 at front panel
  • Indicator LEDs: 1 blue LED, 2 status LEDs, 6 link status LEDs
  • Host Operating System Support: OK-1, LINUX, VxWorks (on request)
  • Power Consumption: 3.3V MP 0.1A (max.), 12V 0.3 A (typ.) 
  • Environmental: Temperature (operating): 0ºC to +60ºC with forced air cooling,

Product Overview

  • Article: NAMC-ECAT
  • Description: EtherCAT slave interface, single compact/mid or full size, ESC ET1100 EtherCAT-ASIC, 3 RJ45 at front panel, 3.3V MP 0.1A (max.)


AMC EtherCAT Slave Module



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