BPS 338i - Barcode Positioning System

The BPS 300i is the second generation of bar code positioning and sets standards both in performance characteristics and in handling. The new "availability control" function allows diagnosis to be performed during operation. The large working range of ±60 mm makes mechanical installation easier and precise measurements possible even if the distance to the tape varies.

  • Availability control: To reliably prevent failures resulting from contamination, the device constantly reports its function reserve, thereby indicating possible problems due to contamination
  • Easy handling: Fast, secure mounting and precise positioning of replacement devices through easy‐mount mounting technology
  • Absolute positioning up to 10,000 m with reproducible accuracy of ±0.15 mm
  • Maximum speed 10 m/s
  • Modularity: three selectable connection technologies, heating and display


BPS 338i - Barcode Positioning System



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