EtherCAT Motion Platform

The Prodrive EtherCAT Motion Platform is a complete EtherCAT solution for realizing fast, flexible and fully scalable motion control. The platform is a combination of a real-time Linux EtherCAT master, EtherCAT slaves and several powerful software tools. For fast creation of (complex) motion systems a seamless interface to Matlab/Simulink is included.


  • Supporting tools
    • Scope
    • Data Analysis
    • Configuration
    • Highly advanced Control Tuning too
    • Matlab/Simulink/RTW active link
    • Windows / Linux / VxWorks
  • EtherCAT Master
    • Real-time Linux based
    • Expandable EtherCAT busses for performance / # axes scalability
    • Wide range of EtherCAT master hardware platforms
      (industrial PC, embedded PC, embedded ARM / PowerPC)
  • EtherCAT Slaves
    • Wide range of intelligent DS402 EtherCAT servo drives
      (variants in performance, single/multi-axes and output power)
    • Customized, integrated solutions
      (combination I/O, servo, vision, ...)
    • I/O blocks and/or Third Party DS402 slaves


  • Industry standard EtherCAT technology
  • Fully scalable performance: low to high end motion
  • Seamless migration from R&D model to final production model:
  • Low investment costs
  • Rapid time to market
  • Low technical risk
  • Fast, easy setup (up and running in weeks)

Application Area:

  • Process automation
  • Industrial controls
  • Medical controls


EtherCAT Motion Platform


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